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The Brantford Christadelphian Ecclesia - A Bible Based Community - The Original Gospel as Taught by the Apostles
Brantford Christadelphians

What did Jesus Christ believe?

A summary of what Jesus believed mostly from his own words.

01/20/2012  -  Here is a useful summary of what Jesus Christ believed. Some of this may be surprising to Christians today. It is worthwhile to go through the list with Bible in hand.

Download a pdf containing slides of the verses. Right click to save

1. He believed that the scriptures were the word of God and unbreakable. John 10:35

2. He believed the Genesis record and all subsequent scripture. Matthew 19:4, Luke 17:26-29; 24:27

3. He believed that some of his own words would be scripture. John 17:12; 18:9

4. He said that all that he had taught would be recalled by the apostles by the Holy Spirit. John 14:26

5. He believed in the coming kingdom of God. Luke 11:2 The Lord's prayer.

6. He believed that Jerusalem is the city of the great king. Matt. 5:35

7. He believed that he would return again to Jerusalem. Matt. 23:39.

8. He believed that he would sit on the throne of David. (Received through his mother, through the angel at his birth.) Luke 1:32.

9. He believed that he was the appointed king. Matt. 25:31

10. He believed that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob would be raised from the dead to inherit the kingdom. Matt 22:31, 32; 8:11; Luke 13:28

11. He believed that his faithful followers would inherit the kingdom and have eternal life. Matt. 5:5, 25:34, 46; Luke 20:35-36

12. He believed that God was his Father and that he was God's only begotten son. John 10:30, 36, Matthew 22:42-44

13. He believed that God the Father is God and he worshiped him both before and after his resurrection. Mark 12:26, 29-30, Luke 10:21, John 20:17

14. He believed that Mary was his true mother. Matthew 12:46, John 19:26

15. And that he was therefore "Son of Man". Mark 8:31

16. He knew he was sinless. John 8:46

17. He believed that he would die and be raised. Mark 8:31

18. He believed his death was the means of redemption for others and the sealing of the New Covenant. Matthew 20:28 26:27,29

19. He believed that there was no salvation outside himself. John 3:18, 14:6.

20. He believed that after resurrection he would ascend to heaven and be received at the right hand of God. Mark 14:62.

21. He believed that there would be a resurrection of faithful and unfaithful, good and bad, just and unjust and that he was the resurrection and the life and he would be the judge on judgment day. John 5:25-29; 11:25; 12:48.

22. He believed that his disciples prayers would be in his name. John 14:14-16

23. He believed in the mortality of man. Luke 12:5; Matthew 10:28; John 11:11-13.

24. He believed that man's temptations and evil came from inside. Mark 7:20-23.

25. He commanded that those who believed should be baptized. Matthew 28:19-20.

26. He believed that salvation was a process completed only by enduring to the end. Matthew 10:22.

27. He believed in the scattering and regathering of the Jews and the desolation and restoration of Jerusalem. Luke 21:24.

28. He believed that the original gospel would be corrupted. Matthew 24:11

29. He believed that there would be a remnant alive at his coming. Matthew 13:40, Revelation 16:15-16.

30. He commanded his disciples to break bread. Luke 22:19.

31. He laid down the way of life for his disciples. Matthew chapters 5-7. John 13:12-15