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The Brantford Christadelphian Ecclesia - A Bible Based Community - The Original Gospel as Taught by the Apostles
Brantford Christadelphians

Experience Israel's 60 Years

Rare Exhibition and Exciting Presentation: Israel & the Bible: A Challenge to the World.

05/01/2008  -  This is a rare opportunity to view exhibits which depict the roots of the modern state of Israel. See the miraculous birth and survival of the Jewish people and nation with your own eyes.


Open from 4:30pm to 9:15pm, Thursday May 15th (God Willing)

See a unique collection of extremely rare books, some which date back 350 years, and which foresaw the restoration of Israel: Mede, Juriue, Newton and others. See a full-size replica of the Dead Sea Scroll that foretold Israel’s regathering... and much more.

The Exhibition is free of charge.

Keynote Address

7:45pm, Thursday May 15th (God Willing)

Sixty years ago, on May 14th 1948, the modern State of Israel was born. Today many ask whether it can survive. Is this nation the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy — or is it merely a secular state at the mercy of the world’s political leaders? Before making up your mind, hear this amazing presentation:

Israel and the Bible: A Challenge to the World

See video interviews, filmed live in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Hear for yourself first hand knowledge of the situation behind the news headlines. Understand the Biblical connections to the Bible.

Speaker: Paul Billington

Seating is free of charge.

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