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The Brantford Christadelphian Ecclesia - Where to Find Us
Brantford Christadelphians

The Christadelphians

Christadelphian is a biblical greek word simply meaning "Brethern in Christ". Christadelphians teach and endevour to live the gospel or good news that Jesus Christ taught and lived when he walked the earth almost 2000 years ago. By using the Bible as an authority rather than Church teaching and tradition, Christadelphians profess a faith lost by the other churches, a faith the Apostle Paul termed "The Hope of Israel".
In a Christadelpian meeting you won't be emotionaly pushed into conversion; Christadelphians put much more emphasis on reasoning from the Bible and a faith based on proven facts.
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The Brantford Christadelphian Hall

We are located at:

442 Dunsdon Street (near Brantwood Park Rd)
Brantford, Ontario
N3P 2B1

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